Random freezes


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Hi all,

I installed Windows 7 Ultimate on my Dell Dimension 9150 a few days ago and applied the Microsoft language pack to translate it in French.
Since the beginning, I have the same problem : randomly, the system partially "freeze" during about 10 seconds. I can't open any new window, can't type text and can't scroll down a webpage. At the same time, if there is music or a video playing, the song or the movie goes on like a charm.

I've done all the windows update and scanned my computer with Eset Nod32 (no virus found) and Windows Defender (nothing found).

The event viewer logs the 2 same events at every "freeze" :

1) Microsoft Windows security auditing ; event ID : 4624, Open session
2) Microsoft Windows security auditing ; event ID : 4672, Opening special session ( my account is admin).

So it seems that the system "re login" by itself ?

Do you have any clue on that problem ?
Thanks a lot !


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A few more details :
My motherboard is Dell 0FJ030 with chipset i945P
Processor Intel Pentium D 830, 3Ghz

Hope it helps..

I want you to try something for me.

Try using a wired external mouse (non-Microsoft model) and see if that helps.

Your situation is different, becuase it's a laptop, but my Win7 64-pro desktop began experiencing the same exact issues as of a few months ago. It had been fine for several months.

After reinstalling Windows, testing my ram, and multiple other possibilities -- all to no avail -- I came across several threads where people complained that their mouse/keyboard set-up was not compatible with Windows 7. Apparently, this is a growing issue and there are literally hundreds of complaints. In my case, it was a Microsoft wifi mouse/keyboard set. I tried using a wired mouse and keyboard (pilfered a Samsung one from my work computer) and guess what -- no issues in 2 days! Others had the same results.

The difficult thing is this -- the work-around is using a PS/2 port mouse and/or keyboard. You have a notebook. Guess what, you're not alone, and I've seen it mentioned that several Dell notebooks are experiencing this same issue with Windows 7! More than one person mentioned having XP and Win7 dual-booting on their machines, and the problem only happens in Windows 7.

You can try a wired USB mouse, as PS/2 is not an option with a notebook. Some mice have the problem, others don't. See if that helps. Sadly, your computer may actually have this problem with Win7 unless Dell can come up with a solution for why their mousepad is tripping this issue in Win7, just like many other mice are.

have you done a 7 clean install or just an upgrade install?

Not sure about the OP, but as for me, I did a clean install over the original install I created using the Digital River file I had purchased from Microsoft. So this 2nd install was clean, going through all of the menus and reinstalling all Windows files. I used Custom Install to do this, and the old media files I had were put into Windows.old.

let's see what the OP tells about his installation. I prefer clean installs as upgrades can cause problems. However, a repair install can be done too fixing most non hardware related problems.

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