random freezing and boot problems with windows 7 after clean install

Hey i just upgraded and put together this new desktop pc of mine
i bough a new motherboard , 3 new hdd (1ssd) and a cpu and a new chassis
used the ram and gpu card and psu from the old rig
(which all worked flawlessly in the old rig)
I then did a clean install of windows 7 home premium (oem)

the pc worked ok for about 24 hours then i got a bsod (blue scree of death)
this happened for about 3 times with intervals about every 12-24 hours uptime

and every time this happened i had problems starting/ booting windows afterwards
i got the screen telling me that the pc couldnt start because of problems and i had to pretty much do a system recovery or it finally fixed itself after several attempts trying to boot the machine

So i did a clean install again and went over the hardware and pretty much reibuilt the whole pc again
i checked the memory with memtest 86 and ,i updated the drivers and the bios
also did a chkdsk check all with no errors
after this though the bsod disapeared ,and now the pc just randomly freezes (the mousearrow just spinns and the whole system just hangs. (This happens randomly often after like 12 -24 hours uptime
when this happens only thing i can do is to reset the pc, and like before with the bsod i always get the same trouble with restarting windows ,saying that windows is broken and i have to do a full sytem recovery to start windows again
When i got the bsod
I did configure the settings to mindump files so i could get the minidump files after the bsod but i cant find any dumpfiles on my pc
i did however manage to copy the blue screen with stop code etc
i also used cpuz like recomended
the full system details of my pc are also below
i have noticed that the problems with the freezing just happens randomly ,theres nothing specificaly that i can
think of that could trigger it

heres copy of the bsod i got the last time:

kernel data inpage error

(0xFFFFF8A0000B6A38) 0xFFFFFFFFC000009D) 0x00000001A9769860)0xFFFFF9600016E570)
FFFFF960096E570 base at
FFFFF96000030000 datestammp

sytem build details

cpu: intel i5 2500 k 3.30 ghz
mainboard: MSI H67MA-E45 b3
ram: kingston 1333mhz 2x1 gb 2x2gb = 6 gb ram
ssd: corsair ssd force 60gb
hdd:samsung spinnpoint 4feg 2tb
hdd:samsung spinnpoint f3 500gb
gpu:nividia geforce gtx 285
psu corsair hx 550w

os windows 7 home premium sp1 64 bit oem

attached cpuz screenshot
and screenshot of installed apps

i would really appreciate if theres a possibillity that someone might be able
to help me or stear me in the right direction concerning the origins of the problem
be it hardware or softwarewise Skjermbildeåå.PNG Skjermbildeppp.PNG Skjermbilde222q.PNG


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As your not getting any dumps it's fairly hard to see whats really happening here.

I do have a few things we could do though.

Firstly in CPU-Z can you post pics for each stick of memory. When you've done that I can check whats timing you should be using. Is there a chance you could remove the 2x1gb and give that ago. Mixed ram of different sizes some times works but not as well as Matched pair or 2 if your using all 4 slots.

Could you also get DriverView and save off a list of your drivers. Attach it here and we'll go through it for you, looking for old drivers.

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Hey thanks for a fast reply
i have taken picture/ss of the different memory stick as you asked
also i took screenshot of the driver list
i will also
remove the 2x1gb sticks afterwards to see if the problem maybe lies here
on another note what can be the problem with me not managing to acessing the dmp files
like i mention i did configure it to save minidumpfiles ,
but when i look for the sytemroot/minidump in windows theres nothing there
anyway really appreciate that you take the time to help me with this
cheers from norway :):) Skjermbilde driver 2.PNG Skjermbilde slot3.PNG Skjermbilde driver 3.PNG Skjermbilde slot4.PNG Skjermbilde slot1.PNG Skjermbilde driver 4.PNG Skjermbilde driver 1.PNG Skjermbilde slot2.PNG

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Hi maxibull and Welcome to The Forum.

Usual causes:
Memory, Paging file corruption, File system, Hard drive, Cabling, Virus infection, Improperly seated cards, BIOS, Bad motherboard, Missing Service Pack

Looking through your drivers:

Avira is known to be a cause of BSOD's on some Win 7 systems.
Uninstall Avira and download BSOD friendly Microsoft Security Essentials as its replacement. Make sure Windows firewall is enabled!

Update your graphics drivers:
nVidia Graphics Drivers.

  • Download and install Driver Sweeper.
  • Uninstall your current Graphics setup through Programs and Features
  • Boot to Safe Mode
  • Run Driver Sweeper to clean up the remnants of your current Graphics set up.
  • Reboot to Normal Mode.
  • Install your new Graphics set up.
Uninstall TuneUp Utilities until your system is stable.


hey ,thanks for more help guys ,really appreciate it.

So i have unninstalled AVIRA and innstalled Microsoft security essentials

Unninstalled Tune up utiliities untill further

and also followed your tips with Driver sweeper and booting into safe mode
reinstalling Graphic setup
gonna run SF diagnostic toolv4 results: View attachment WindowsUpdate.txt
View attachment ms.nfo

View attachment EventApp.txt

View attachment RunInfoCurrent.txt

View attachment EventSys.txt

View attachment DriverList.txt

View attachment RunInfoLocal.txt

View attachment hosts.txt

View attachment DxDiag.txt


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i also set the memory ram voltage to 1.64
it was set to auto and was set to around 1.40 so i set it up to 1.64
the ram stick says 1.65 v
but i still have problems with booting windows after reset
this is only sporadic and i always manage to acess windows after a try or two
i hope you guys might find a clue in the analyze of the SF diagnostic tool SS that might shed some more light over what the prob might be

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Have you set you mem speed to 667 Mhz and your memory timings to 9-9-9-25 Try a command rate of 1 first but if its still unstable try 2T. All with a vdimm of 1.65V

hey i have set my mem speed to 1333mhz i dont know what my memory timings are set to
do u want me to try to set it to 667 mhz and to change the meory timings?
im not exactly sure what you mean by try a command of rate 1 or 2t
can you please explain a bit more precisely since im somewhat of a noob when it comes to some of this

thanks :)


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No leave it at 1333 :) Somewhere in your bios there should be setting to change memory timings. They're probably set to auto.

You need to set CAS to 9, the following two values to 9 and TRAS to 25 and TRC to 34. The settings for these should be accessible from the screen you set the memory speed from or a screen off it.

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ok i did this
but one thing i cant understand is that in the memory in the cpuz application it says
the ram frequency still says Skjermbildenew.PNG 665.7 mhz


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Ah that's ok 666x2=1333 The RAM is DDR or Double Data Rate nothing to worry about. For example my ddr2 1066 memory in CPU-z is listed as 535Mhz.


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ah i see :)
thnx again

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I personally used systeminfo.txt and driverlist.txt. I also used the cpu-z pic to figure out the memory timing and voltage. Elmer would have used driverlist and the .dmp files.

ok thanks alot, really appreciate the help from u guys
ill continue trying to work on it


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Hows it behaving?

well the bluescreen are gone and it has been more or less stable for the last 12 hours
i still have problems with windows log in, it just randomly hangs sometimes
i also have had issue with windows freezing still , the screen just hangs and the cursor just loads
so i have to do a reset
but the problem only occurs like after 12-18hours or when i reboot for some reason


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Now we have the hardware happy, I'd recommend a nice clean install of windows 7, with all the latest drivers.

ah just had another freeze , in the midddle of copying some files,it just froze on me again

i might just try another clean install and put the driver in the order u sugggested

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