Windows 7 Random Freezing when playing PC Games.


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Sorry if i put this in the wrong thread, as i have yet to pinpoint the cause as of yet. I'm having an issue where game would all of a sudden freeze up on me for no reason. It usually only happens maybe once a day after 6 straight hours of use.

Now the unusual part is the manner in which it freezes, any audio sounds in the game will simply not load over, nor will any graphics that havent already been loaded up prior to where the freezing is about to occur, then about 10 or 15 seconds later it will just hard freeze, causing me to reboot. Another interesting thing i should add is i was still able to talk to a friend over Skype for a bit after it froze. My GFX Card is not over heating as i keep track of it regularly with CPUID Hardware Monitor. There is nothing in my event viewer to pinpoint if its a software related issue or not.

I should mention that my PC is a Dell. I have had a problem like this about 3 months ago and they sent me a new motherboard, which seems to have solved the problem for awhile, however the issue started to reoccur again. My theory is that this motherboard is starting to fail as well, or i need to replace the Graphics Card. Is there any other way that the cause could be pinpointed for sure?

My video card is a Radeon HD 5870 and my motherboard is a Dell Inc. 0X501H
attached is a of my system incase it is needed (It was asked of me last time)


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If you can't replicate it at least fairly regularly its going to be very difficult to diagnose.
I doubt some hardware problem like failing components or overheating will take 6 hrs to become terminal. It has to do with something else and swapping out hardware will not solve your problem. Did you run some hw stress testing apps like prime95, memtest+ yet?