random issues copying to network drive


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I have a win 2008 server setup as a domain controller. I have 2 winXP boxes and have just installed windows 7 x64 on a 3rd machine. I get all my drive mappings fine when I log into the domain on with the windows 7 machine. I can save small files fine but the problem started when I was copying large video files over to the server. At first the windows 7 machine would instantly lock up when trying to copy large files. I read that there was an update so I did windows updates and there was an update for my network adapter so I let it do the update. The locking up has stopped since then but I can very rarely successfully copy a large file to a network drive. Probably 9 out of 10 times I will get a message that say's I don't have permissions. It can't be a permissions issue because I can copy anything fine as the same user on any other machine. Just since I installed windows 7 has this issue come up. Also it will allow me to copy a large file once in a while but most of the time I"ll get a permissions error.

I downloaded the latest win7 chipset driver for my system board from asus and ran it. If I try to update my lan driver it tells me that it is currently up to date.

Any help I would greatly appreciate it!

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