Random Mouse and keyboard freezes

Has anyone had a problem with random mouse and keyboard freezes in windows 7. Had 7 installed for about a month and all of a sudden my mouse will freeze in one spot for like 20 to 30 sec sometimes and jump across the screen. Read another thread on another forum of this issue and as of dec 14 2010 there still is no resolution to the problem. I have a Microsoft laser desktop 7000 and I had just installed intellitype and point 8.0 which was a project in itself becuase i had to use a regular keyboard to install then plug my reciever in otherwise i would get an error code and the application would disconnect my mouse. Now it's all in and has the 8.0 drivers for everything which cut it down alot so far but still does freeze. I read something about usbport.sys causeing latency problems in windows 7. I did notice processor spikes pegging at 100% on the graph in task manger. Heavy use of the keyboard doesn't seem to effect it. only the mouse. Every driver is up to date and the pc health score in windows says my computer is perfect with no errors or driver conflicts. I asked a friend who is useing a another brand wireless mouse and his froze a few times but his made the disconnect sound which mine never does just freezes for a bit. Any help will be appreciated. Hopefully Microsoft will see this issue and do something about it.


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