Random programs cause BSOD

So I'm running into an obnoxious problem that all started a few months back. Random games cause Windows to just instantly BSOD on me as soon as I start them. At first it was just Magicka and Painkiller, and now I can no longer play Trine, Sins of a Solar Empire, Bastion, and LIMBO. I'd like to emphasize that each game became unusable at a different time. I've reinstalled them, made sure everything's updated. I've tried everything short of backing up, wiping the hard drive and reinstalling Windows. My drivers are all up to date, I have no idea what this might be. I've now got close to a hundred dollars worth of software installed that I can't use, and near as I can tell it's not a virus.
Any ideas?

(Note: Any suggestions involving software that costs money will not be followed. I'd rather just start from scratch.)


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Hi Bleth,

first, apologies your post has not been answered until now. Now to give you the best help I can I need you to do something for me. Please read and follow the directions given in the post found here:


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