Random Red Squares/lines on my screen


Sometimes when I am gaming and others times when I am not, my monitor gets red lines/squares on the screen and then causes my computer to restart. It also has continued after the reboot during the bios phase. I have attached some windows provided information of the crash.

I have monitored my temps on my video card and I never get above 66 deg C. I do have an OC on my video card. My video card is a gtx 580.

This has not start happening since recently, nothing expect installing a new video card driver has happened to my system that I can remember.

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This is the 2nd time in a wk we've had this same vid card mentioned. Wonder if can find the other thread for what's in there on the subject already.



As an update, I have changed cables, removed the OC, reinstalled drivers, and I still get this error. I am switching back to the older version of drivers to try it next.

I also get the error message "Nivida driver has failed" in the lower right hand corner of my desktop.

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Hold on... was an Update installed for the vid card?? That's what's wrong... don't take those; yes, roll it back.

I rolled it back. Didn't have any luck. I read online to take out the card and put it back in, thats what I am doing now. I have attached screen shots of what my monitor looks like when this error occurs while my screen is frozen


Maybe it not seated well or something of the sort but, really, my feeling is the vid card needs be replaced. It's not software or driver impacted.

+ I've seen similar before & took my swapping out the vid card to rectify things... least the client was left happy.

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I have some good news! Taking out the card and putting it back in worked! Thanks for all the help Drew.

Terrific, glad to hear it. That was 1 of the possibilities, that it wasn't seated well. You're welcome.


Hi, I am getting the excact same problem, but taking the card out and putting it back in did not work, any ideas?


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Hi Gary,
what is your system spec including psu make, model and wattage. Have you tried changing drivers?

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