Random reebots

Hello. Im experiencing random reebots with my computer. The computer just reeboots without any bluescreen, any errormessages or anything. Very annoying when I'm playing online and stuff. How can I find out what the problem is? had the same problem with XP, but there I atleast got bluescreen so I knew what to fix. Please Help me (sorry for bad english btw).


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You probably are getting a blue screen but your computer is set to automatically shut down in this situation.
Let's disable the automatic restart on system failure
Open the start menu and type "system" and open the result "Edit the system environment variables" result.
In the "start-up and recovery" section click settings.
Now under "system failure" un-check the box that says "Automatically restart".
The next time your computer crashes, there might be a BSOD.
Please post your results.

Thank you very much. I've done what you said, and the next time my computer restarts I will post what happens!


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Best of luck.

Now my computer restarted again, and still nothing happens. There is one thing tho, my screencard-fan makes a lot of noise, and when the computer is just about the restart the sound gets really unstable, if u know what I mean!


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A loud fan? Could this be a problem with dust inside the case or maybe the fan is quitting or the card is overheating.
You should take the cover off your computer and blow compressed air into it to clear out dust.

No, the fan has always been loud, ever since I bought the computer for about 2 years ago. But the sound is very stable if u know what I mean, same sound all the time. But right before the computer restarts, the noise from the fan gets really unstable! I've checked for dust, but there werent much. I dont think its overheating.. This problem is really annoying!


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You say you had the same problem with XP?
Maybe it's bad RAM.
How much RAM does your computer have? is it possible for you to remove a chip or two to see if the problem persists.

Yeah, but then I got the blueescreen and I sent it back to service to get new ramchip from the guarantee. I have 2gb ram! I could try, but since the ramchips are new and I got it back from support 3 months ago I doubt it..


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OK. Let's try disconnecting the CD/DVD/BD disk drive.

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