Random screen movements and color malfunctions.

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by Poiuy, Jul 27, 2009.

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    I have Windows 7 7100 build Genuine, and I'm using a Gateway laptop.

    Sometimes, blue colors will become VERY bright, almost pixelated. And it just looks very odd (I'm not sure what more info I can give you).

    Then sometimes, the color malfunction is gone. But then, let's say the super bar at the bottom, it will also appear at the top of the screen transparent slightly. And maybe one pixel lines of the screen will move up and sorta jump up and down.

    Heh, I'm not good at describing this. Sorry, just 13 years old. :(

    Thanks! Poiuy

    Edit: Now it's doing this really fast motion. The super bar will appear in three different places several times, jumping VERY fast. Put this will happen to the whole screen and I can barely see anything.
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    This would not be a setting issue..... this is driver or corrupted OS issue.

    I don't want to disappoint you or anyone. But at this point it is past time to really be troubleshooting any issues with RC's of win7

    wait till the RTM hit's shelves and install that. Your problems my have already been resolved.

    Only other thing you can do is install all the latest drivers for your PC and hope that resolves the issue.
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    Random screen movements and color malfunctions

    Check the manufacturer's site for graphics card etc they may have newer drivers than MS.

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