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I have an HP Pavilion dv5 Notebook with the Intel Core i3 CPU running Windows 7 Home. When I am running the laptop it goes into sleep mode t random. This happens even when I am working on a document or on the internet or doing nothing at all. I have disabled all sleep mode settings and hibernation settings. I have loaded the newest version of the laptops BIOS. I have restored the laptop to orginal configuration. I have loaded all Windows updates. I have even sent the laptop into HP where they re-imaged the laptop. Yet the problem still happens. Can anyone out there help me, please.[-O<


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Does this happen when the unit is plugged in?

Could you be accidentally hitting a key combination that is putting the unit into a sleep mode?

Any chance the lid button is being activated or has a bad connection?

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The issue happens when the laptop is plugged in or on battery. The laptop just came back from HP with a clean bill of health.

Also noted that the issue does not seem to happen if left at locked screen or in safe mode. So this, to me would indicate some kind of driver issue. Any thought, ideas, or possible help ?


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I can understand tis situation drives you crazy. Unfortunately i'm not an expert, but willing to give it a shot so you can proceed again with the laptop.
Wild guesses: are you able and if yes did you try to connect an external screen to your laptop in order to see if it is the laptop screen or not what is not functioning.
The way you describe your problem suggests me it's not a "sleepmode" issue. Does your laptop has a seperate videocard or is it running on the motherboard with shared memory?
If it has a seperate card, are you sure this card is working fine and receives enough power (attached firm into it's socket) If you use the motherboard are you sure your memory is in order (try a MEMtest)
Are you sure the power adapter works 100% and / or the battery is still functioning.
Have you tried to work o the laptop screen with another resolution (lower) in order to see if the videodriver is stable enough to display your settings.

If i come up with more useless guesses ill post them, in the mean time i hope for you you can solve this issue. Good luck.

I contacted HP support again. This time they tell me that the issue is with the video adapter. The laptop model is Pavilion Dv5 - 2074dx.

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