Random Windows 7 Shutdown


New Member
It happens on very rare occasions but effectively annoys me by closing half my programs. Luckily I manage to click "Cancel" on any "Force application shutdown" dialogs most of the time. Unfortunately Microsoft decided shutting down the computer is more important than saving the users documents. So if I don't click "Cancle" fast enough, it forcefully closes my unsaved documents without my consent.

Sometimes it acts slightly different... screen will fade out and then the monitor will turn off. The computer doesn't seem to be shutting down until I wait for a while, then click and move the mouse to get the monitor to turn on again (at first, the monitor doesn't come back on at all - sometimes it never does). It's strange because there is no other odd behaviour going on. It's as if I had actually clicked "Shut down" or "Restart". The computer is fine after I cancel the reboot (sometimes I have to quickly use command prompt to do that).

So I'm wondering what the problem could be. The computer is only a few months old. Shiny and new.

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