Randomly opening programs and shifting desktop Icons

While I have my laptop shut my Icons shift around and change size and some of them are randomly opened I came home to 30 instances of Alchohol 52 opened on my screen. I cant figure out whats doing it its a brand new laptop only had it for about four weeks. If anyone can shed some light on whats happening I would greatly appreciate it.


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If Icons are shifting, perhaps the screen resolution is changing for some reason. Do they always move in the same manner as far as position?

Some strange behavior concerning window focus being changed was traced to an external flash drive, so if you have one of those, you might try disconnecting it.

Are you sure Alcohol is compatible with Win 7?

Are you getting any error or warnings in Event Viewer

The icons move in random places and sometimes change size too not all will change sizes some might be huge some might be small i get no errors and its not just Alchohol that is opening its any Icon thats on my desktop. I thought it might be my wireless mouse and keyboard so I stopped using them but its still doing it. As far as the display size changing I have Intel Pentium P6100 with Intel HD Graphics. Im at a loss for what going on with this thing. Its not making my laptop impossible to use but its extremely annoying opening it up and all my Icons are moved and all diff sizes.


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For now, I will assume your laptop goes to sleep when you close the lid. Have you tried putting it to sleep from the start menu while leaving the lid open?

Does it have to go into hibernation before the problem occurs? Does it make a difference if it is plugged in or not?

You mentioned you stopped using the mouse, but low batteries can cause strange problems. But it would appear your symptoms are a little too involved for that.

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