Windows 7 RC1 will HAVE to last until Mar 2010 at least. (7057 does)


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Hi everyone.

It seems that we CAN use W7 until a retail version is released. Unless it was an almighty bo bo by Microsoft the 7057 build (best so far even in its X-32 incantation) doesn't expire until Mar 2010.

If the official RC1 expires before that I'm sure there will be some "Backporting" to build 7057.

Actually its strange that an X-64 version hasn't appeared yet as this is likely to be the future trend of OS'es.

Build 7057 installs very nicely on a 1GB netbook as well.

My Legal copy of Enterprise office activated without any problems on 7057 (I did a Clean install). All the drivers worked stright out of the box including TV cards, built in webcam and SD/MMC card reader.



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"Actually its strange that an X-64 version hasn't appeared yet as this is likely to be the future trend of OS'es."
I wouldn't consider it so strange. Officially the 32 Bit has not been released either. A spy obviously got lucky with a copy.


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I really don't think the expiry date has anything to do with the RC or the RTM in the grand scheme of things.. ;) I wouldn't get to excited about expiry dates... especially on interim builds that aren't even ment to be released to the public in the first place.. ;)


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Even if I had a legal copy of the final release candidate, I would still prefer to have the final product bought and paid for, so I can permantly set up my computer without worrying about any expiration dates. I hope they release it as soon as possible, and update it as necessary, with updates and Service Packs.



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I would assume nothing, Jimbo.
You could be using 7057, and get a Windows Update that changes the expiry date to the day before RTM.
You don't know what Microsoft will do, and since you're using something that you're not meant to have, if they did shut you down, you could do great sh!t all about it ;)