RC1 x64 install

Hi there sorry if this is a double post, if this topic has already been covered please direct me to the right place.

I have a 64 bit system and am excited to install the 64 bit version of Vista RC1 on my system. I am wondering if I will be able to use it as my primary OS. I currently use my computer mostly for surfing the internet, using microsoft word 2007 beta2, playing CS:source, using AutoCAD 2006 and iTunes.

I just want to know if I will see any decrease in performance or any compatibility issues with the programs I mentioned. Also, I'm kinda new to this so when I install vista will it delete all my programs that I have currently installed? or will they still be there?

Do you think it would be necessary to partition my hard drive to keep my current copy xp installed? or should I not worry about doing that?

Thank you for all your help, I know there's a million questions in there but if you can answer one or two, it would be highly appreciated.

RC1 Is pretty stable os. I use it for all the above expect for gaming, (perfer console gaming) it does use alot of cpu and ram power but it you got that then its fine. There is also little harm in keeping a small xp partition because not all apps work on vista and there are ALOT of drivers that dont work on the 64 bit version.

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