Re-enabling the Administrator account in windows 7 home


I have the Administrator account's password, but in order to conceal it in the Start up screen. I disabled it.

So please tell me that there is a way to type in the Administrator's password inorder to start the elevated command prompt?
Why can't I type in the Administrator's password? Is it because I disabled it?
Why is there only one way to enable/disable the Administrator account in HOME PREMIUM?

I can't even try to restore the system to the earlier point because I have logged in with a standard account, and have no way to type in the admin's password.

I should have known that a cheap version of Windows 7 would bite me in the axx one day.
Please can somebody help me?


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The problem really isn't caused because of a "cheap" version of Windows. But I though Windows would not let you delete or disable an administrator account if there was not another one on the system...looks like I was mistaken.

Anyway, the following link from a Microsoft forum might help, let us know.

Lost administrator account on Windows 7 - Microsoft Answers

Thank you Saltgrass for your reply.

I managed to re-enable the admin account by restarting the PC in "Safe Mode Command Prompt".

By any chance do you know how to be able to enter the admin password, when there is no VISIBLE Admin account in the computer?
I don't want to have the admin account to be like "IN YOUR FACE" when ever the other users "STARTS UP" this computer.
Is such thing possible?


Indeed, I was going to suggest you could deal w/ this by going into Safe Mode.

Customarily the Admin will show in Safe only, along w/ others, ie named User account, et al. In Normal Mode, it won't/doesn't... instead have Owner/Name, other people, Guest... the (primary) Named Owner account is an Admin account AND should be the ONLY Admin account, others should be Limited; that account can be assigned a P/W... but, again, the Admin shows in Safe, not in Normal.


To ENABLE your 'Administrator' account, open a Command Prompt window in administrator mode (...System32\cmd.exe) and execute:
c:\>net user administrator /active:yes
Your Administrator account will now become a login choice.
To DISABLE your 'Administrator' account, open a Command Prompt window in administrator mode and execute:
c:\>net user administrator /active:no
Your Administrator account will no longer be a login choice.
This action does not affect your ability to access your Administrator account using Safe Mode.
Note: A Command Prompt window icon should be visible when you click Start. Right-click the icon and select "Run as administrator". Also, it is entirely possible to have more than one User Account with Administrative Privileges (a member of the "Administrators" group. This gets you some - but not all - administrative rights. For full administrative rights, you must be actually logged in as "Administrator". If you do not recall the associated password created when your OS was installed for the very first time, when the 'Administrator' user account was created, try using a totally blank login password field, containing no characters.
This also works for VISTA.
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