Re-install/upgrade without the product key??

I have just recently moved and am trying to figure out what to do. I have an almost new system with Win 7 Home on it, but haven't made a backup. Now I want to install Win 7 Ultimate but can't located my product key at all. Threw too much stuff together when moving to my new address, and now can't locate the box or product key.
IF I try to load Win 7 Ultimate without my key code will it even install, right over the Win 7 Home which is on my laptop now??


Yeah, it will install fine without entering any activation key. You can only use the operating system for 90 days I believe until it will become totally shut down. You'd have to run a command before each 30 days is up, 2 times, to get the full 90 days. If not, it will only last 30.

I'd recommend not to install until you figure out what you're going to do about the key. Perhaps if you have a receipt Microsoft may issue a new key to you. I can't say for sure because I'm not an employee of theirs.

Do you have a "Windows Anytime Upgrade" icon in your control panel with the Home version?

That should let you upgrade to Home Premium, Pro or Ultimate.

Look for the COA sticker on your computer, that usually where you will find the product key if you need to reinstall and reactivate Windows 7.

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