Re-installation of Win 7

I have a problem with Outlook 2007 not sending emails which has started since installing Win 7 and I have tried everything I and others can think of to resolve it but with no success.
I just love Win 7 but, regrettably, have come to the conclusion that something must have been corrupted in the Easy Transfer process. It also seems to be impossible now to get a clean installation of Office 2007
I was previously using Win XP and therefore, was compelled to use the Custom or "Clean" installation for Win 7.
Win XP is still on a seperate partition of my hard drive.
Do I have to do a "System Recovery" with Win XP and then a further Custom Installation of Win 7 in order to ensure that I can then do a clean installation of Office 2007 including Outlook?

Uninstalling Outlook

Thanks for your interest Cybercore but I have tried that approach and it did not work because on re- installing all my email settings came up without me entering them so I deduce it can't be "clean". In any event, the problem persists.
I think this may be down to the fact that the procedure you gave the link to is very much a Windows XP procedure and perhaps it does not work so well with Win 7.
Note also that I CAN apparently remove Office 2007 with "Add and Remove Programmes" but not to give a clean result and the procedure states that it should be used only if you cannot remove Outlook - a bit ambiguous I think!

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