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I know this thread is old, but I am having an issue with my pc locking up when I try and transfer files.
The problem started when I had the bright idea of trying server 2008 with hyper v and running a vm on hyper v should have stuck with VMware.
Any way the vm besides having no sound card started to lock up whenever I tried to transfer a file. It would not happen all the time but slowly it got worse and worse.
I did a system check disk check and virus scans will multiple virus checkers.
I finally had enough and uninstalled the server and vm and went back to straight windows 7 64 bit physical.
I did a fresh reload and now it is starting again. it has only happened about 3 times this week, but it is happing.
I know at work we have the same issue with windows 7 locking up on large file transfers as a co worker just got windows 7 and when it tried doing his system back up of documents it would hang just like mine. He has had to stop his back up as it was interfering with his work.

I have searched all over for the last few weeks and cannot find anything that is relevant to this issue.

I have a system with an SSD and two Sata drives. I had windows 7 running the last year without issues.
It was not until I reloaded everything to hyper v did this issue arise.

This not my only machine, but it is the one I develop and test on and I absolutely need to be able to transfer files
to and from. Actually downloading works fine it is only uploads that cause the issue.

As I said I have completely reformatted the system and still the issue is still there.

I see nothing in the logs either.
Other than when I restart.


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I moved your post to Windows 7 support where you'll have more of a chance receiving an answer.

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