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Not sure where to post this thread, sorry if in wrong spot.
Out of curiosity, was wondering if there is a way to remotely connect to my Dad's computer to help him work through issues (getting rid of old programs and cleaning and so on).
I have Win 7 on our laptop - he has Windows XP.

Is that even possible?


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Re: Remotely connect to somone else's computer?

Well, 1 computer fixed and happy! Gave Tim's cousin back her laptop today and she is thrilled! It is working wonderfully for her. She was thrilled tha-t t she didn't lose any of her ITunes music and I even gave her a few extra songs from our own personal library. Found a neat device - a 4 USB little add on device that plugs into her 1 remaining USB and gives her more ports. She loved that - makes it so much easier for her to connect her other devices and she has already synched back up her phone. Thanks to all who helped out with my questions on that one.
As for Dad - his is still not shutting off on its own and I was trying to work with him the other day, but his temper was shot. I can understand - you really have to be in a certain mood to work on stuff.

Even harder when he is in PA & I am in TX and don't have the computer in front of me. trying to walk someone through things - even harder by phone when his is XP and mine is Win 7. If we had the same screen, would be so much easier.

I am wondering if maybe he should just do a reinstall? I think if he could back up his photos he might jump on that. I didn't get a chance to ask him if his CD/DVD drive was working. We tried the external backup drive but it just hung up :(

So, this Teamviewer - is it easy to use? Any one used it and have any suggestions, tips for me if I can get dad to install it.

Also, he's been having problems with his e-mail. He has an account with Century Link - his internet provider. He hates it because he is having problems attaching documents and photos to send out. He had such a time with it in regards to sending me some logs from scans he did on his.

Anyone able to recommend which e-mail program would be best and easiest for a 70 year old to use when doing a lot of this? We like to share photos and he says how hard it is to send and also to receive from us. Apparently what we send comes through as a really large photo that fills the screen and then some so he has to scroll up and over to see the whole photo.

Again any tips/suggestions?

I'm thinking of suggesting to him to either look into upgrading to Win 7 or getting a new computer? Not sure if his system will handle Win 7 but I'm thinking - if he would do an install of Win 7 - would it totally reformat the hard drive and maybe eliminate whatever malware/crap that is messing his system up?

Oh, the questions. I'm going to talk to him tomorrow evening and hope that he is in better spirits. We shall see what way he wants to go but I thank all of you for any tips and suggestions that you want to send out. Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!


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Re: Remotely connect to somone else's computer?

I don't have any experience with it, but is the Windows built-in Remote Assistance not useable for such things?


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Re: Remotely connect to somone else's computer?

I have no idea either. Never did such a thing myself and was just thinking it would be much easier to help dad out. I will do some online research and see what info I can get on it.


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Just wanted to say...
The above reccomendations of "Teamviewer" were excellent.
It worked a treat for me.
Thanks all.


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I would just go with teamviewer - easy to install, easy to use and free. When you install it you have the options to create an online account - you don't need that. When you run it you have the option of "allow remote control" - this will generate a password for the remote operator to get access to your pc. This needs to be generated and passed to the remote operator for each remote control session. You also have the option of creating a "personal password" which does not change with each session so once known by the remote operator can be used for all sessions.


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Re: Remotely connect to somone else's computer?

I don't have any experience with it, but is the Windows built-in Remote Assistance not useable for such things?
It would depend on which version of XP dad has. If it's XP Home then there is no RDC server, only client. Server needs to run on the machine you wish to connect TO while the client runs on the machine you want to connect FROM.

Teamviewer is the way to go, dad just needs to download and install it. You will be able to control his computer while he watches and you will have an audio link so that you can talk to him at the same time. Of course, for that to work, you both need mike and speakers.