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johnny quid

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Hi All,

I have a problem with my On Screen Display in that, i.e.when i tap the wireless card button on /off or press 2nd function key and F8 to mute/unmute, i no longer get the small OSD that shows quickly over the top of whatever is open to notify you of your hardware/applications controls status.

This also happens with all applications connected with the 2nd function key & top row function keys when pressed , plus the up/down arrows keys (for volume) and the left/right keys too (screen brightness).

I would be most grateful for any advice on this.

Kind Regards


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It's likely a 3rd party notifier like the type HP etc normally installed by default so you'd need to check if you have disabled the OSD on such an app recently by mistake.

johnny quid

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Hi Highwayman,
Is there an easy way to check which "3rd party notifier" that has been disabled?
I have had a look at the services running via task manger/cmd line prompt, and started & stopped any that seem relevant.
Know its i long shot, but any further ideas? have attached list of services.


Did you check Acer ePower?

johnny quid

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Yes i checked,and tried restarting the service even though it was joy?
Thanks, i'm now starting to wonder if "Ashampoo's WinOptimizer6" has disabled a sevice that i've yet to I.D.

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