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Bad sound quality( after installing Realtek latest driver?)

I just installed the latest driver and now the sound qulity is notso good as before even i ddint change anything in my realteck manger. I dont know if it counts but I my windows is installing automatically another driver HD audio device but I dont think that matter since I have that disabled and even uninstalled once just to see if affects the quality but nothing. About the sound quality I will try to make a descriprton even my english is not 100%:

its like my system is trying to reproduce an rough coarsed acousting sound and my sub sounds are distorted with a tremble. plus anoying scarts and squeakies, screechings when u play for ex a instrumental track

Here some capture

These are my motherboard specs

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Is this the onboard sound or and addon sound card? Are you installing the driver directly from the vendors website?

Hmm I think is onboard sound card Thse are my motherboard specifications ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Motherboards- ASUS P5GC-MX/1333. Yeah I downloaded the driver from realtek

bout the sound quality I will try to make a descriprion even my english is not 100%

its like my system is trying to reproduce an rough coarsed acousting sound and my sub sounds are distorted with a tremble. plus anoying scarts and squeakies, screechings when u play for ex a instrumental track

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Looks like from your device manager image you have a second high def sound device which has not been installed properly, perhaps missing proper drivers. This may be a product of your video card having high def capabilities, so double check and make sure you address that issue by either updating and installing the proper drivers for the device, uninstalling (removing it from the system if add on sound card) the device or disabling the device to insure that it is not in some manner contributing to your current issue.

Additionally, right click the "Windows Speaker" (not the Realtek Speaker) in the notification area (bottom right near clock) and choose Playback devices and confirm that you have the correct device selected as the default playback device and make sure that your speakers are configured properly and that you have selected properly from the options (Stereo, 5.1 Surround, etc.,) in respect to what you are actually using.

Nope in that image I disabled that hd audio device but now I have enabled it again but I don see any difference. I even uninstalled it but did not solved my problem. As of update Ive tried to upadate it from device manager but it says its up to date.and BTW I think this is installed automatically by windows.

I have the right playback device Realtek and my speakers are configured properly 5.1

Anyway ive run this software driver scanner and it said that High definition audio device is outdated. Can I rely on this?

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I'm assuming that you have a 64 bit system. Here is where you should be downloading your drivers from.

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Motherboards- ASUS P5GC-MX/1333

Check your audio, chipset and BIOS driver versions against what you have installed and update accordingly. Sometimes with new hardware, the old version of the BIOS may be the cause of some system glitches and a BIOS update will fix that. Be forewarned!!!! If not done right you can brick your make it a nice big paper weight. Now that being said, Asus has really simplified the process. This link should give you some insight on the how to's.

BIOS update guide for ASUS notebooks

Ive check those downloads too but those versions are inferior to what i have installed.Hmm Do i need to download and installed all those BIOS stuff.How to be sure what to install and what not to ? I have windows 7 32 bits system. Hhmm Im not so willing to try to update the BIOS if ist not quite simple or if Im not sure this is the problem and Im not so knowledgeble in most of the computer stuffs.
That guide is for notebooks?

PS : I tried to uninstalled that HD audio driver again. After restarting windows tried to reinstalled it again but I giot the warning that it was not successfully installed. I think its an issue here.


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Nope in that image I disabled that hd audio device
Interesting, because typically when I disable a device in Device Manager, it is reflected by a White Circle with a downward pointing error, not a yellow triangle yield shield with an exclamation mark in it as in your case.
Anyway, that latest driver for your Realtek HD Audio can be obtained here.
Realtek 32bits Vista, Windows7 Driver only (Executable file) R2.67 2011/12/16 49869k

you Might have been right about that being not properly installed . i tried to uninstalled it again and after restarting windows tried to installed it again but I got the warning message that it was not succesfully installed. Niow i have that warning sign in device manager again.However that dissaperas after another restart.
Yea that is the place from where I dowanloaded the realtec driver.

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Theres always a systme restore to a point in time before you had the problem or as a last resort a complete re-install of the OS.

Yay...Ive done the system restore but the sound is still for a complete reinstall of the OS Idk.Last time Ive done it I had serious issues to establish an internet conection.Anyway I dont have a backup copy and I dont know what is the use for that in the eventuality of a reinstalation of OS.Can someone explain me .I have a single partition C of 232 GB with 60 GB free.


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I have attached what I show in my Device Manager for Sound devices. The driver from the Asus website should be good, but you never know. Showing an HD device is fairly normal as far as I know.

But I did have something happen yesterday that was a little strange. My sound was being distorted like I was going through a reverb. I noticed in my mixer settings there was a listing for HD audio volume level. I turned it down and the distortion stopped. The attachment does not show it today, but it was listed like the others.

If not that, check the Realtek settings to see if you have any special effects settings turned up. Also you might adjust which volume source is highest. A good mix between the speaker output on the speaker and the system volume might help.

If you want to remove all the drivers for the Device and start over, you do have that option when you remove drivers from the properties panel in Device Manager.


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Hmmwhat do you mean you turned down the listing in sound mixer? Yeah you can try different level for player and system sounds but doesnt really change the quality of the sound ..itys just the volume.Like I said I dont have any efect on realtek manager but I tried to see if improves the sound quality but is keeps with that acoustic sound I tried to describe it. hre is a capture from information windows in realtek manager

Uploaded with


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You might try running the dxdiag.exe to check the sound. Maybe it will show something. Make note of the x64 button for checking.

There is also a audio troubleshooter in the Control Panel under Troubleshooting, Hardware and sound.

Hmm here is my diagnostic( see atachement)I ver run trubleshooter but no problem found



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The check seems to show no errors also. About I can recommend now it to uninstall the Realtek device and just let the system use the basic audio driver to see what it does. When you uninstall, tell it to remove all versions of the Realtek driver so you might be able to install an earlier version later.

If you do not get the distortion with basic drivers, you might try reinstalling the earlier Realtek driver.

How to uninstall realtek with removing all the versions? what about uninstalling an earlier version? I think Ive done that once with sistem restore


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Sorry it has taken 3 days, but I just saw your post.

Did you find the option during an uninstall to remove all drivers for the device? This is just a suggestion, if you feel you have already done essentially the same thing, then we need to look elsewhere...I just don't know where to go next.

Ive uninstall the realteck driver and indeed it says its removing all the versions. After restarting I dont have any sound unfortunately and I have no audio playback device like in the capture.Windows was trying to installed some driver but I ve got the warning that was not succesfully installed.And yes... the troublesoot coulndt find the problem


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