Re: Windows Suddenly Stalls/Freezes

im experiencing the same problem..can anyone help me?
here's my spec
win7 32-bit
992mb ram
systemmodel: 761GXM-M
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 x 2 dual core processor 3600+ (2CPUs), ~1.9GHz

i also attached the minidump files here...thanks a lot and God bless



Wow, so many bsods! I've moved your post to its own new thread since all issues are different and must be treated as such. Let's fix them.

1) Update your bios to the newest available:

ECS Web Site

2) Remove all USB sticks or external drives.

3) Post new crashes if/when they happen. Your motherboard may not have compatible drivers for Windows 7. Some are very old without any updates. We'll see how it goes after you've done the above.

thanks for the do i update my bios? should i just download it? not really familiar with it

one more thing..can i erase my minidump now?for me to know the new errors?

hi there again..i've downloaded my new bios but i don't know how to install it...

according to their website there should be a flash utility in the bios package, so unzip it and follow the instructions for the AMI bios pdf from the link (How to use flash utility). found on this page :p

another problem occur..i lose my internet connections after like 10 mins from starting it and can't reconnect again..problem is not from the net provider...

on the diagnosis it states that
the Local Area Network doesn't have a valid ip configuration

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