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  1. i was listening to a podcast and i heard about this thing called readyboast and i was wondering if anyone can shed some light on what this actuallly is. BTW im runnning vista RC1 so i want 2 try it once i get a memory stick for this.
  2. Windows Vista ReadyBoost lets you use a high speed USB thumb drive or even a MicroSD memory card as virtual system memory or RAM. You plug it into your USB port or use a card reader to get it to work.
  3. ReadyBoost Compatibility - USB and other flash memory devices

    Not all are working apparently...

    ReadyBoost Compatibility Chart

    Show devices that are: ReadyBoost Compatible Incompatible Show all

    Manufacturers: All A-Data ACP-EP Memory Apacer Apple ATP AVB Buffalo Corsair creative Crucial DABS Dane-elec DaneElec Dell Digital Media DSE Edge EP Flash/SM Super Talent 2.0 Freecom gamegiants Geil Generics IBM Imation Intuix Kaser kasercorp Kingmax Kingston Lexar LG M-Systems Maxell Meizu Memorex Nexus null OCZ other Panasonic Patriot PNY PQI Pretec Ritek RunDisk Samsung SanDisk Silicon Power SimpleTech Sony Super Talent Swissbit TekQ Toshiba Transcend US Modular Verbatim Viking Walletex

    Tested a device with ReadyBoost? - Please submit your result.
  4. Really only usefull for systems that are low on true RAM. I have 3GB of ram in my system and added a 1GB atache usb flash drive and there is little if any noticible performance boost. But that sort of stands to reason since I have 3GB of ram in this machine.

    If I only had 512MB and added a 4GB flash drive then I would imagine that performance would be greatly improved.

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