ReadyBoost missing on build 7022 ?

Hi all,

I really enjoyed readyboost feature on build 7000.
I'm using 2GB of RAM and readyboost gave a good performance boost.

I upgraded my system to build 7022, it's working a bit better but I cannot find readyboost on USB drive properties.
I really like to have the performance boost that readyboost gave me on build 7000.

Is there any way I can get readyboost on built 7022?


Windows 7 to Extend Readyboost
November 1st, 2008 • Related • Filed Under

The German computer magazine Winfuture revealed in a recent post that Microsoft will extend Readyboost support in Windows 7. Readyboost was introduced in Windows Vista and was used to add flash drive caches of up to 4 Gigabytes to the system. The main intention of Readyboost was to provide lower end systems running Windows Vista with better performance by utilizing those additional flash caches.

The updated Readyboost in Windows 7 will see several advancements. The 4 Gigabyte restriction will be lifted which essentially means that flash drives with larger capacities can then be used as additional cache. The limit to one Readyboost device has also been removed which gives users the possibility to use multiple flash drives as additional caches in Windows 7.


I can't even find ready boost service in build 7022... Maybe new features not finished yet. ...

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