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  1. My ReadyBoost tab is missing in the properties of usb/flash drives. I've checked and rechecked if the ReadyBoost service is running and it is and so are all of its dependencies. I've deleted all the drives ReadyBoost tested in the reg. and changed the device status and read/write speed in the reg. still NO TAB!! The autoplay does pop up and ask if I want to use ReadyBoost but then it opens the properties of the drive and NO TAB. I've googled this to hell with no resolution :( Errrr Bills minions
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    You probably have googled these suggestions already but the second article on high speed USB drives is important :"ReadyBoost requires a certain level of performance from the USB memory stick, so while there are many high speed USB drives on the market, compatible USB drives must be able to meet certain minimum data write/read levels. Microsoft requires the USB key to reach a 2.5MB of throughput for 4K random reads, and 1.75MB/s throughput for 512K random writes.
    Those requirements may not sound particularly intensive, but consistency throughout the entire drive is crucial to ReadyBoost operating correctly. You'd be surprised how many high speed USB drives fail this test."

    Windows ReadyBoost

    Microsoft Windows Vista & ReadyBoost: Does it Make a Difference? -
  3. If I remember, though, if a drive isn't fast enough to use ReadyBoost, the ReadyBoost tab will still be there and it will just tell you that the drive isn't fast enough. I'm having the same problem, where my tab is missing.

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