ReadyBoot & nvrd32 event errors

Hi Guys,

The two errors are not a real problem, I'm just trying get a clean sheet in the event viewer.

They occur at almost the same time. nvrd32 kicks in with ID 11 "The driver detected a controller on" though it never specifies on what.

That's followed seconds later by ReadyBoot with ID 3 error "session ReadyBoot stopped due to the following error 0xC0000188"

I don't use ReadyBoost or ready boot, but I suspect that one of the peripherals that's treated as as drive when connected (phone camera, memory stick etc) is involved somewhere.

apart from that clean bill of health all round

Any thoughts



ReadyBoost and ReadyBoot are two separate things. You are having hdd errors which are fairly common. If you start to see an extreme amount or thousands one after the other, then you can worry about it.

For now, just enjoy the pc and forget it.

Hi TorrentG,

I just dislike errors that show up for no good reason.

I did have few showing up regularly on my good PC. I've cracked the lot and it's error free. There are cobwebs in event viewer!

The nvrd error usually gives the drive ID that the error occurs on. These errors are all the same no drive ID shown. I know they are causing no bother but I'd rather track the culprit(s) down.

I think it's my wife's mobile which she connects to download stuff from ITunes. It's only connected for about 20 mins at a time. are there any signals that I can watch out for? I'm guessing that has some kind error when connected and when it isn't the system tries to find it and generates a different error.

Either that or a camera card that has been improperly removed from the card reader at some time.

I know I shouldn't be bothered, but I'm so close to zero errors!



Is there any

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