Real Network Diagnostic Utility for Win 7

Does anyone know of a true, authentic, network diagnostic utility for Windows 7. The script provided by Microsoft was written by 1st graders as a project. I need to know why I can see and detect my laptop, but I can't connect to it. Both system use Win 7 Pro x64, and are part of the same homegroup. The Public and Home Group settings on both are identical.

Should I remove Microsoft's Networking capabilities and install a 3rd party software like Cisco' Network Magic?

Please Help!


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All things being equal, generally speaking Windows 7 is a pretty simple OS to network. You may want to double check the following;
enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP in the properties of IPv4, under the WINS tab, within the properties of your network interface card.
into the search box and hit enter
confirm that the following services are started, consider setting the startup type to automatic
Computer Browser
Function Discovery Provider Host
Function Discovery Resource Publication
Network Connections
Network List Service
Network Location Awareness
Network Store Interface Service
SSDP Discovery
If everything check out OK then it's likely the fault of a third party piece of software that needs tweaking of the configuration to supported other trusted nodes on the same network.
Virtually all top tier Software firewall products as well as AntiVirus security suites add components (network filters) which can stop common networking sharing out of the box. I always recommend removing any such products, get your network up and running and add them back. However, many will not completely uninstall without using their respective, vendor specific removal tools, a partial list of which can be found here if yours is not listed try Google and see if one is available. An alternative which is both network and Blue Screen friendly is Microsoft Security Essentials.

I uninstalled the AV per the site. I have ensured those services mentioned are set to automatic. I disabled the firewall. I restarted and still no change. I added "Clients For Microsoft Networks" and the laptop will now see itself, still no access to shred files on the laptop or any other computer on the network. When ever I click eith the listed computer or a shared folder on the laptop, I get error 0x80070035. I think I'm going to go Old School and Format C:\ I know there are those who completely disagree, but XP Pro was easier for me to network computers - simply assign workgroup settings, allow permissions and set shares. Done.


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Try UNC'ing to the share and see if you still get the same or similar error.
first by IP address
\\192.168.nnn.nnn\ShareName (where 192.168.nnn.nnn is the actual IP address of the remote computer you are trying to access and ShareName is the name of a folder you have explicitly shared on that remote computer)
then by NetBIOS name
\\ComputerName\ShareName (Where ComputerName is the actual name of the remote computer you are trying to access and ShareName is the name of a folder you have explicitly shared on that remote computer)

I tried some very extreme measures and risky changes to the laptop, but it works. I going to leave the firewall off and anti-virus off. This laptop worked flawlessly yesterday. However today, it would not access anything on a network. No new software was installed, no changes were made. Windows 7 may be a simply OS, but it has it's issues. And networking, is one of it's issues. It makes absolutely no sense that just simply by powering off my laptopo, that I lost networking capabilities to the point where only when the anti-virus and firewall are turned off that it partially works.

Is there a way to delete all the network setting so that the OS is forced to search for the computers and printers on the network, something like a network refresh?


Noob Whisperer
You'll need to purge and reload the NetBIOS cache, DNS cache and arp cache. Use google to confirm
But I think it's
nbtstat -RR
ipconfig /flushdns
netsh interface ip delete arpcache

I tried the 192.168.nnn.nnn/sharename method. That tells me to free port 80. This is weird. Win 7 see the computer, knows it's share name, but can't access it. I will write the suggestions in a batch file. There were no error reported when I ran each command, but I am still not able to access the computers, only the files on the laptop. And vice-versa, no other computer can access the shred folders on the laptop.


Noob Whisperer
Hold the windows key and hit the "r" key and type
That is whatever the actual IP address is of the remote machine and the actual sharename of and explicit share on that machine.
Preceeded by two backslashes "\\" and seperated by a single backslash "\" no forward slashes

"Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource ( is not responding" Was the error I received. Mind you that, there is another win 7 PC i connect to with out any issues, what so ever. And, yesterday, this laptop connected as well.

I have managed to get one of my PC's to see the laptop and the laptop to see that PC by re-joing the HomeGroup. Weird. I need to remove the permission from a previous win 7 installation from my other hard drives, hopefully, this will restore the ability of the laptop to access the other PC as that PC can see and now access the laptop.

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