Real Time Priority not working for win7?

After I installed window 7 and try to use realtime priority for taskmanager for my games, it just lag my game and freeze my game.
But when I had vista and use it, my game went smooth and stuff. But for window 7 it lag me and freezes it.
Is there any ways I can fix this?

Real-time priority is reserved for priority execution above drivers. So, if a driver or a system process needs to do something critical urgently and can't get cpu time, you get the freezing.

so how will I do that then? because i did it on vista and it should work on win 7 now too is there any thing i need to set up?

7 Drivers are different from Vista's, so are a number of 7 API's and system processes. This is why you can have different behaviors in Vista and 7.

It is all up to you if you wish to change priorities, but I don't recommend you do this for the following reasons:

1. Realtime priority won't boost your game really
2. Software and game developers pre-set the rightt priority for their softwares


Several hours ago I tried the realtime priority for Call of Duty 4 MW 2 and for Mirror's Edge - it did work fine on my 7, felt the same speed as default priority. But it may not work the same way for all games and hardwares.

I know but I just want to play it on real time like i always do on vista but now I cant do that anymore after I installed window 7.

So Theres no way I can change my game into real time without lagging the game?

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