Really bad , wont boot after bios update


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hi every one.

so i did a bios update, and it wont boot after the update.

its a asus m4a79xtd evo (rev 1.01g)

i dont have a backup of the bios

so what to do?


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so i did a bios update, and it wont boot after the update. so what to do?
Won't boot? As in Windows will not start? OR....
Won't boot? As in will not post and you can no longer see or enter the System BIOS Utility.
Anytime you update your systems BIOS there may be some resetting of pre-configured settings so you may want to go into the BIOS and examine anything that you may have manually configured yourself. Additionally you may want to attempt to use one of the system pre-sets usually marked as Defaults, or Optimized or both or either. Additionally you want to make sure that your disk controller settings are configured properly and were not changed by the Flash Utility. Whether they were formerly set to AHCI or AHCI / RAID or NATIVE IDE, they will need to be returned to that setting in order for your system to boot reliably.
If the latter rather than the former. Check you MoBo manual for CMOS jumper and the correct reset configuration. Or else unplug from AC power and pull the CMOS battery, hold the power switch for 30 seconds, put the battery back in and plug it back into AC power and see what happens.
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i can no longer see and will not post.

i figured out the problem, i bought more ram for my pc and installed the ram. i turned my pc on everything started normally, and word for 5 minutes. then it crashed, so i turned back on , and after windows was started and crashed again, i turned back on and crashed, it crashed most of the time when i opened a game and play ore it used more than 3 gb ram.

i though maybe i should update my drives so i updated my chipset and bios. and restart it and all i had is a black screen.

after my first poste i opened my pc checked everything. took the new ram out. and turned it on. everything works perfectly.
so i only put the new ram back in and the old out, and it started/ worked perfectly. but together they will not work. first they did but crashed every time, and after the update nothing works,

new ram: 2x 4gb 1333mhz
old ram: 2x 2 gb 1333mhz


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Good work.
Stick with the new RAM. If they are mismatched then you will likely continue to have problems. Best bet is to always buy RAM in matched sets to be sure that they are identical in every way.
Often times frequency is important but timings are more important. Some boards don't mind for instances combining Single Sided and Double Sided memory, while others.... not so much.
Eight gigs is generally considered plenty RAM, but if you think you need the additional memory (for whatever) then I would suggest buying another set identical to your new set.
Glad you figured out the issue and thanks for posting back and updating your thread with your results.