Windows 7 Really Slow (6+ Hours) and Failing Installation.


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Jan 11, 2009
Alright, I got Windows 7 the other day, and I'm having some major installation problems that I can't figure out. The first sign of it not being right is how long it took. Most people are saying it took them 20 minutes or so to install. For me, it took 6 hours or so. After installation, it doesn't even work. It'll show the "Starting Windows" screen with the glowing windows logo, then I get a black screen for a few minutes, and finally I get a black screen with a cursor, but it never gets by that. Also, I used the same disc (burnt from correct MD5 ISO file on lowest speed) I'm using on a friends laptop, which installed as smoothly as possible. I've tried 3 different DVD drives on my computer, and it's the same deal on all of them. I tried removing anything extra I could, like my sound card, and disabling onboard LAN, etc., and that didn't help either. It's like each step in the installation process takes way longer than it should. For example, the first screen of the installation, where it pops up the window to pick your language, came up in a matter of seconds on my friends laptop, but on my PC it takes literally 15 minutes or so before it shows. And even when it shows, it's really laggy picking options and such. I've also reset the BIOS to factory settings to see if that would help, and it didn't. Anyone know what would be causing this? I researched around the internet, and I can't find a single example of anyone else having this problem, or any install problems really. The specs of the computer are in my sig. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a ton in advance. Link Removed due to 404 Error
Sounds to me like you got a corrupt ISO.. there are a few of those floating around.. so you may have downloaded a bad ISO or it became corrupt when you burned it.. my suggestion would be to re-download it from Microsoft directly and reinstall it and see if that makes a difference.. there are some examples on this forum of other people having pretty much the same problem, and after re-downloading it seemed to solve their problem.. hopefully that will work for you.. ;)

The only other thing I could see it maybe being is a hardware issue, but since you said you removed some components and it still didn't make a difference I'm thinking it's a corrupt ISO moreso than a hardware issue.. Just out of curiousity though, what are your compy's specs???
If it were corrupt wouldn't it have done the same thing on my friend's laptop though? I'm using the same disc I used on his, and it worked perfectly for his laptop.
Also, specs are:
-Asus P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe
-C2D e6700 @ 3.0GHz
-2x2GB Patriot Extreme Performance DDR2-800
-Soundblaster X-Fi Platinum
-2x250GB Samsung Spinpoint
-Samsung SyncMaster 225BW + Samsung SyncMaster T220HD

Tried a couple more things. First thing I tried was just burning another DVD to see if it'd give me any luck, but it didn't. The second thing I tried was installing Vista x64, which I would then try the upgrade route from. Well, the Vista install took about 40 minutes, and the OS is running completely terrible. By terrible I mean that it's so slow that the cursor moves across the screen in jumps. The CPU is constantly being used even though it doesn't show anything using it, and it's just the desktop, no programs running. This is just how the Windows 7 install was acting. The odd thing is that I tried Vista on this computer before and it worked just fine. What could be the problem here? I'm so confused. I'm going to download the x86 version and see what happens. Is there any reason why my computer would have a problem with 64 bit? I just don't understand what would be causing all of this to happen.
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Endless install

I Installed windows 7 on my laptop and a friend installed it on his computer both installed beautifully.
Now installing it on a freshly built system micro atx board with 2.8 ghz intel processor 1 gb ddr2 , lg dvd r/rw and a 160 gb western digital caviar hard drive connected by sata . it just sits at the starting windows screen and has for the last hour. tried restarting made sure hard drive works, reset bios and checked all jumper settings, then loaded optimized defaults.

Dont say its my burned copy it works as im using it as i type this message.
Win 7 install

I'm having extreme slow install also right now(e6600,4GBRAM Sli 8800 Ultra's).I'm trying out the 64 bit version.I installed the 32 bit on another machine(AMD 1.7Ghz,1GB RAM,7600GS),went like lightning.Thinking slowness might be because 64 or HARDWARE difference.First install was upgrade from Vista(Test,Fun Drive).Second is on fresh 320GB disk.Even after format,Slowwwww.
I had this problem and solved it

Hopefully this saved someone the major stress that I suffered with this.. installed it on 2 x computers with no issues. A dream like install. When it comes to my main desktop it takes forever dvd drive not reading nothing happening.

solution? after hours of wasted time, removed hard disk drives etc ... unplugged all USB devices so just running with keyboard and mouse solved! :razz::razz: installed in 20 minutes!
You are not alone. Thousands are having massive problems:

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