Really weird (download?) problems...

It is really, really weird. There are a few server type things that I am unable to connect to... such as WoWInfinity (biggest WoW hack), WoW's News server via the launcher, WoW PTR patch server (hopefully not live server >_<), some download servers off CSS, and probably more than that (I just have not noticed them).

Now, at first i thought it was some sort of port blocked via firewall, or router problem. I checked to make sure the windows firewall was disabled, it was... and then i checked if it was my router by plugging my computer directly into my modem... then i uninstalled my anti-virus... nothing seemed to work. I tried seeing if the WoW launcher would work on my laptop, and it did... so its not my ISP. Any clue whatsoever? I just find it weird that I have no problems connecting to the internet... yet some programs don't work.

Oh, and I tried upgrading to a newer version of Windows 7 as well...

P.S. I'm running Windows 7 Build 7232

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