Really weird internet connection

I'm having this really weird problem with my internet.
I am currently on the internet at the moment but I can't connect to the internet using software or other programs
IE or firefox works fine for browsing the net and youtube and watching videos work fine.

However the problem is when i'm torrenting i get no internet connection to utorrent.
If i wanna join steam i get no internet connection.
If i play other games like CoD i can't connect to the multiplayer
When i use webcam i cant connect and keeps saying to check the internet while it is actually connected.

This happens from time to time. Some days it will work but i can tell when it is not working by checking my torrents. if torrents don't work then all my other programs can't connect to the internet. (not illegal torrent downloads btw, its for stuff like family photos from overseas that are in a zip file and family videos etc).

I hav done port fowarding but still the same problem.
It does this randomly and i don't know how to fix it coz i'm actually connected to the internet.
I hav no antivirus programs (which i recently deleted after doing a full computer scan) and i don't think its got anything to do with firewall coz it works time to time without changing any settings

The point is that this is occuring randomly so i don't think there is something wrong with my settings. i dont knw y it suddenly changed.

I hav windows 7 ultimate x64


I'm not expert, but for what I already have experienced here, for sure somebody will help you soon.
But they will need more information to be able to help you.

Like what computer are you using, what type of internet conection do you have, and if you post some images of the problem will help too. Any addicional information... post it.

Good Luck.


Noob Whisperer
An intermittent problem that is not easily replicated is very difficult to diagnose. Sounds like you have a pretty good understanding already in that you are correct, it's not likely a firewall issue or the programs would likely never work at all.
It's likely either a physical layer issue, involving the network adapter, router and or associated wiring or wireless radio and without knowing which type of network you are using I really can't speculate any further regarding a hardware issue.
Additionally you don't say what AV program you recently uninstalled, but I would suggest, if you haven't already, follow-up with the vendor specific proprietary removal tool a list of some, can be found here. If yours is not in the list use google to find it and run it just to make sure there are no remnants of the product still present on your machine which might be causing the problem. Another culprit might be mDNSresponder.exe, see if it's running, if so stop it.
Lastly, can you tell us if the network you are using is all yours, and not shared or borrowed (in other words do you have full control of all appliances and nodes on the network)?
When the problem presents itself, check your ability to ping internet resourses using fully qualified domain names (like "" or ""), confirm with your internet / network, provider / supplier, that there is not blocking or throttling of your bandwidth associated with the problem sites, ports or protocols.

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