I also use BUDPHONE ( which I make and receive calls from through my computer over the internet.

Here is my problem:

Whenever I want to listen to music from my Optical Digital Out and I hear the webphone ringing I am not able to hear anything in my headphones, the mic still works though but I don't want the person coming through the home theatre I want them talking through the headphones.

When I change the default device (if I can before they hang up) I still have to close down my budphone software and reopen, thus I missed the call and have to call them back.

This is stupid, why does Realtek force me to choose between DIGITAL OUT and SPEAKERS(analog)? I would sure like to be able to receive a phone call by hearing it ring through my digital out and still be able to hear the person's voice on my headphones.

I've read a billion posts, it would seem no one has an answer. So if you cannot tell me something I don't already know, please don't waste my time.

On my old PC with XFX NVIDIA 680i Realtek Onboard AUDIO I have different software that Realtek provides for it and that allows Digital Out and Analog to run simultaneously, so why now with newer hardware do they have to make it one device default only? Purhaps it is Windows 7 as I remember using XP on that machine. Does M$ really expect us to continue on their journey into nowhere?! Why do we pay for this crap!

Please help if you know the answer, if no real answer comes my way I will guess the whole world has just become mentally retarded. :mad:


I just realized I am able to set WMP to playback my music through the Digital Out while Speakers is set to Default, however I want to hear the phone ring so my problem remains. This is also retarded as now I have to change WMP default device now when I want to hear music through my headphones. I should just be able to mute/turn off my home theatre and be able to receive a phone call without all this trouble. I'm convinced that a mass Windows/Realtek BOYCOTT will be coming soon if this continues!

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