realtek hd sound... strange problem..

Hi guys..i have problem with my realtek hd driver... i have 5.1 sound system, and when i install appropriate driver for windows 7 (downloaded the from realtek website) everything works fine, and windows recognizes all speakers and i even test them, so they work fine.. BUT when i turn on winamp or WMP, i can only hear two front speakers. I tried configuing winamps output settings, and reinstalling driver, nothing works... can someone help?

One reason could be that the media file you're trying to play is not in 5.1 format.

I know that Creative cards allow to redirect stereo to 4 speakers, but with Realtek you will need a 3rd party software to process and convert stereo output to 4 or 5.1 scheme.

Another solution is to play the file with a different player (or audio codec) which has the feature to spread 2 channel output on 4 or more speakers.

any idea on where i could fined these codecs...or any sugesstion on what player to use? i`d be thankfoul... :)


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What board do you have? Is it onboard sound? Is it 5.1 or 7.1 on the board?
I have a 7.1 capable board and even when I connect a 5.1 speaker system and run 5.1 media, I must set up the Realtek control to 7.1 to get the rear speakers.

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