Realtek headphones

I have realtek 1.62 onboard sound. It works very well, with one caveat. Front headphones and mic are not detected when they are plugged in. I can hear sound on them, and I can use the microphone, however Realtek doesn't think that they are plugged in. As a result, I can't do "show only plugged in devices" and "mute speakers when headphones are in"

Did anyone have this problem?

Driver support isn't all it could be just yet, if you post your build and driver version we may be able to offer some advice but onboard audio and video are notorious for being poorly supported for new OS'. I personally think the manufacturers assume that someone who upgrades an OS will usually have upgraded onboards as well. Your probably still running stok W7 drivers which usually work well but don't provide full functionality as these things tend to VERY proprietary.

I am running build 7100 (RC). I am using Realtek drivers verson, although they are written for vista, not win7.

Did you try to uninstall them and run the installer in compatinility mode for Vista Sp2? Most drivers written specifically for Vista should work properly.You can also try simply rolling back to the native W7 driver if it was ever used it will be there to roll back to if not the button will be grayed out.

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