Realtek8169/8110 nic


Im having trouble getting the rlt8169/8110 working correctly on windows 7. It initially does install correctly , but every time i restart the computer or shut down when i boot up again, i get the prompt of adding new hardware for the the nic again and again, and so removes the ip config i have set up on it.

It is very frustrating as the drivers are there and its correctly installed according to device manager but it seems like it is installing the drivers when windows starts


by the way its an onboard nic on asus v3-m2v890

First time posting on this forum so bear with me...

I am having the same type of problem with an onboard Realtek 8111C LAN controller on a Gigybyte motherboard, running Win7 64.

I did a clean install of Win7 on my machine and my network connections worked perfectly. The problem comes up each time I start up the computer up from being shut down. It doesn't happen if I do a restart.

Once the computer is booted to windows, I get no internet (or email for that matter). I am not getting any messages about adding new hardware. The hardware is in Device Manager, it just doesn't work. To fix it, I have to go into Device Manager, disable the device, then enable it and the controller works fine. Or - I can reinstall the drivers and it will work too but the next shut down starts the issue all over again.

I have downloaded and installed the latest drivers directly from the Realtek site but it didn't fix the problem.

Sorry I don't have an answer for you but know that you are not alone. Hopefully someone will be able to help...

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