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Windows 7 Recently used program list


New Member
Jan 11, 2009
I while back I removed several programs from the recently used program list on the start menu by right clicking on them and selecting "remove from list". I would like to clear the 'removed' list and allow all programs again. Where is this info kept in Win 7?
I think you mean this?
Right click the orb and select properties.
Untick the two boxes there.
I have check those boxes and it doesn't make a difference. New programs are added to the list but the ones I removed from the list do not show up anymore. Vista had registry entries that controlled which programs were disabled but I can't find it in Win 7.
You must UNcheck them.
But try this.
Type Gpedit.msc in the RUN box.
Open User configuration - Start Menu and taskbar.
Scroll down and enable these two items

Do not keep History of recently opened documents.
Remove Recent Items menu from Start menu

To perform the taskk, double click each item above and "enable>"
This does the same as unticking the previous two boxes, but might work for you.