Reclaming partitioned space

I have a 1tb hdd that i was dual booting Win7 and pinguy on separate partitions.
I was able to format the c: drive partition,but when it came to the pinguy partition i couldn't.
So i clicked on pinguy prt and clicked delete.
I reinstalled Win7 on one prt and formated the unallocated space which was Pinguy.
I now have 3 partitions on this drive

I do not want to dual boot but use just one OS (Win7)

Local disk C: @451gb free of 465gb (system,boot,page file,archive,crash dump,primary partition)
System reserved D: @ 71.8mb free of 99.9mb (
Local disk E: @ 465 gb free of 465 gb (Healthy primary partition)

I want to bring these partitions back into one or shrink the C: volume ,reallocating it to E: creating a larger backup partition.
Can i do this through computer management/disk management or do i need a third party program.



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It looks like you have moved the boot files out of the System Reserved partition and into the C: partition. I will assume what you show as D: is the first partition on the drive. C: does show as active?

You can normally move the trailing edge of a partition if there is room to do so. Prior to shrinking the C: partition, Windows will check for how much it can be shrunk.

Moving the leading edge of a partition is a little harder. After shrinking the C: partition, deleting the last partition and then recreating it in the space available would probably be best.

Third party Partition managers do have some capabilities the Windows Disk Management does not, but anytime you mess with the partitions, you take a chance of causing problems no matter how you do it, so back up if necessary.

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