Recommended System tuning softwares?

I am curious if there are any recommended system tuning software for 64 bits windows 7? I come across Advanced System Optimizer 3 and PCKeeper. I have not tried either of them but I have heard a few bad reviews for ASO.... Any idea?...

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I gave up on stuff like that years ago after a few reinstalls. Use Ccleaner and let it go at that.


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Advanced System Optimizer 3 by IOBIT is an alright program, and the free version is enough to clean up your disks.

However I would recommend CCLeaner and Defraggler. On the contrary to popular belief, your PC does not really need to be constantly optimized.

Please accept this in the good nature with which I offer it, and don't flame me (again).
But, the only two programs that I can remember, just off hand, that totally rendered my PC unbootable and
forced me to do a Ghost restore to get my computer back, were CCleaner and Defraggler.
I don't want either of those programs anywhere Near my PC.
Windows Disk Cleanup, when run in the extended mode does a great job of cleaning out system garbage
and the Windows Defrag does a good job of Defragmenting the HD.
Also, stay away from Auslogic's Defrag program. I tried it and it made an unHoly mess of my HD.
I had to do a Backup and Restore with Ghost, to reorder my HD. Once bitten, twice shy!
Cheers mates!

Try using
RegInOut Utilities
Tuneup Utilities

For my friends and customers, I recommend only one tuneup utility...... ME!
No piece of software can do as good a job as a well trained technician who is knowledgeable and conscientious about cleaning out a computer, knowing what to delete and what to leave.

For the computers that I can't reach, my only recommendation for Win-7/64 would be AVG Tune-UP.
I have tested most of the apps in the package on my own Win-7/64 HD.
The junk remover and registry cleaner worked good. The internet connection optimizer is excellent. It greatly improved my own Internet connection. At no time did it ever do anything outside of my permission or anything that would be harmful to my PC or my OS.
The only downside I've seen so far is that it's NOT FREE. I bought the program, based on my years of trusting AVG to keep my computer SAFE. A trial version came with my latest AVG 2010 Pro install.

The defrag app is apparently written by "Auslogic". After some really bad experiences with non-OEM defragmenters, I would not run that on my PC.

Thanks for your patience with this Old Timer


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I use:

- Control Panel > Administrative > Services
- msconfig
- gpedit.msc

Thanks for all the advices :D

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