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I use Windows 7 Professional. I have set up a mic and preamp via USB. Whether I use the Windows sound recorder or Audacity, there is a low level white noise which is enough to notice. In the course of trying to solve the problem, I have had my computer and all accessories and software checked at a good computer shop with no causes found there. I also engaged in an extensive discussion on Audacity forum, which found no solution. I've been told it "should" work. The current opinion from the computer shop and the forum is that there is some setting or configuration in Widows that needs to be corrected. What might I check?

Have I stumped everyone?


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Yeah, that is a problem I have also encountered. As long as there is no input to the mic, you have this white noise. Once the mic picks up speech or music, it will go away. The only thing I can recommend is to keep the boost at zero.


Thanks for your reply. My settings doesn't have a mic boost. - Does the noise actually go away when you speak, or is it just not noticeable? - Someone suggested I use "enhancements", but I don't find that either. I tried a light noise reduction, which is okay, but I'm hoping for a real solution.


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In my case the noise goes away (somehow) as soon is I start talking. Here is an example. Note at the very beginning of the video there is some noise but as soon as I start talking it is at least muted.

Here is another example. This is a little test video I made where I did not talk at all. The white noise is clearly there.

Btw - Enhancements are only in Playback Devices - not in Recording Devices. At least on my systems.

In mine, the noise does not go away when I speak.

I found enhancements. Immediate mode and DC Offset Cancellation are checked.

Where would I find Microphone Boost?


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Where would I find Microphone Boost?
It is in the device properties. Look at the picture in my post above.

I find nothing like this. Is it on Windows 7?

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Right click on the speaker icon in the notification area and go to Recording Devices. Then double click on the device that has the green checkmark (which should be your mic).

Mine doesn't have either enhancements or boost under microphone. I checked all tabs.


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But you had a Properties windows for the mic - similar to mine above - or ??

Enhancements are only for playback devices.

My mic properties window is different and doesn't have "boost". Nor does it have an "enhancements" tab. Why does your mic tab have one if it's only for playback?


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My mic has an Enhancement tab but there is really nothing to set. In Playback, I have a few options.


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