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I'.m trying to recover the registry hive from a drive that crashed and load them into a program that you can edit the registry.

Problem is, I forgot the location of these files.

System.alt sounds familiar, but can't locate it.

Any help?

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I know it sounds obvious Reghakr but have you tried the search box in the start menu? Aplogies if you've already tried this..:)


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Actually the fried hard drive is connect up to another computer.

I've downloaded a program that will let you view the registry hives in there native format.

There is no HKCR, HKLM, etc on this drive to browse.

It's named Hive loader, when you can access the registry directly.


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If you mean the System Hive , it is here:


You want the one with no extension.

Backup of the Hive is here:


There is a useful bootable registry editor here - freebie:

Burn the .iso to cd . Boot the cd on the ailing machine - works brilliantly.

Easy instructions here:

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Haven't downloaded yet, but it sound promising.

I did find a registry analyzer that parses the ntuser.dat file of the fried hard drive and was able to export some information here.

Will get back to you.


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I just remembered this was a 98 OS and there is no system32 directory or config or regback files or software.sav. etc

Still will come in very handy,


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