Recovered files from a Biohd-8 hard drive error and wanted to know which files can I copy back to ha

I recently recovered my data from a biohd-8 error. Can someone please tell me which files can I copy back to a hard drive in order for my system to start again and make it useable again. I do not know if any of the files were damaged in the recovery process.

1) If I am able to restart my system by copying these files, will I need to re-activate Windows 7 again?
2) Would I copy the files to the root of the hard drive?
3) I also have the system restore disks that I made a while back, can I use these to install the files into a new hard drive and will windows 7 work?

The files that I recovered are in the following format below: Thank you in advance.

Recovered Folder files:
Intel Multimedia Files
Program Files
Program Files (x86)
Program Data
System Volume Information


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I would say it would be easier to start over. You are missing some folders/files and some were hidden so you would not know if they were there or not. For instance, I do not see a Windows folder..

You don't have a backup image or any other types of backups?

As far as your restore discs, did you make them for the purpose of restoring a system image, or just restoring personal data. Whichever, you could try some type of restore process if you have the instructions. If the CD you have is a Repair CD, it will not restore your system unless you have a Windows Backup image.

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Thank you for your response. If I buy a new hard drive, can I install Windows 7 from the cd that came with my computer? Will I receive any errors. Thanks in advance.


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I do not know what CD you are referring to, but you should be able to tell from your owner's documents. If you no longer have access to some type of restore image partition on the original drive, I would say a supplied CD would not reinstall by itself.

The Windows 7 install disc is a DVD... You can, however, download an install DVD as an .iso file and burn yourself. Whether it would activate for an OEM type install, I don't know, only Microsoft would probably be able to give you guidance.

You may be able to get recovery media from the computer manufacturer.

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