Recovery to Factory Specs Issue - Windows will now not Boot

Hi All, My daughters ASUS K52F needed to be rebuilt to factoy specs. (I have done this before on an ACER and a GATEWAY without issues.)

I started the restore and loaded each of the 4 disks when requested and it made it to 100% and I pressed on finish when requested and the computer restarted itself but then did not do anything but load the black screen with the ASUS logo.

I must have missed a step but I do not know what that is.

Has anyone else had this issue or know what I need to do now to get windows to boot/load?

I can see on the hard drive the 3 partitions (Recovery, Main and an "X"). So I feel that the needed files are there

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me.


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Hi GT,

The "Load of black stuff" at a guess was the bios display.

I have had this problem before (not on an Asus), it was caused by the bios setting the wrong drive as the boot drive.
Go into your bios and check that the correct harddrive partition is selected.




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Hopefully you have you situation repaired and don't need any more suggestions, but I downloaded the owner's manual to check the restore process. The manual is for 3 different models, so I am not sure which one you would use.

First, can you tell us why you needed to restore to system specs?

You state the unit has a recovery partition, so you did that recovery? Did you have options of how to recover the system as far as partitions and such?

I would have to guess the recovery discs are for your personal data.

Only about .1% of folks have to deal with this, but your system seems to be UEFI capable. Not important you know what it is, but if you are in the bios and you see a Windows Boot Manager option along with the drives themselves, you might try that as first boot priority.

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Thanks guy's The reason I was going back to factoy specs is because she has a virus which was causing major issues. I have gone ito the BIOS on several computers as well as this one before but now for some reason I am not able to make it work to get into the BIOS to change the boot oder. I think that woild solve my issue if I could get in. I have pressed the F2 key many times when the bios xcreen dispalys, I have even tried the delete key like others have mentioned. Does anyone know what I need to do to get into the BIOS? BTW: when I did the recovery using the disks IN wa able to get in then and was able to set it to the DVD for the restore.


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The F2 key is correct, but you need to start pressing it earlier than you might think.

Also in the Splash screen, it says you can hit TAB which will show you some common Bios information, then hit ESC to select a boot device.

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