Recurring BSOD - not sure of cause.

My Windows 7 (64-bit) crashes roughly 30-40 minutes after rebooting the computer. It has behaved this way for the last several days. I'm not well-versed in debugging these kind of things, but I tried a System Restore to a point well before the BSOD started appearing. Unfortunately, it hasn't resolved the situation.

Here is the most recent dump file: View attachment BSOD Dump.rar

I'd be grateful for any help you might provide.

Hey man.

You have a problem with this driver for your O2Micro Integrated MMC/SD controller. That's your card reader drivers.

o2sdx64  o2sdx64.sys  Tue Jun 10 07:26:44 2008
o2mdx64  o2mdx64.sys  Mon May 12 23:47:07 2008

Definitely remove that Norton/Symantec in safe mode using this tool in safe mode:

AV Uninstallers - Windows 7 Forums

It will be the best thing you ever did for your pc ever, trust me. Then install MSE.


You really should go through all your other drivers because lots of them are way too old and known problem causers. Update them. Since you're a gamer, I have to mention this one specifically:

nvlddmkm nvlddmkm.sys Tue Jul 28 10:21:43 2009
Update here - NVIDIA

Or if laptop, visit manufacturer's site for the card reader drivers and NVIDIA driver.

Go on and game some more with StarCraft II. :)

TorrentG -

Thanks for the help --I took your advice and we've gone 17 hours without any problems. I think we're safe to say the problem is fixed.

Once you mentioned the SD/MMC/MS/XD drive, I remembered that I did put an SD card in there just before these BSODs started cropping up. I removed the SD card and haven't had any BSODs since. Clearly something is wrong with the port, so I'll just avoid using it until I get around to a more permanent fix.

You're not the first to tell me to ditch the Norton Antivirus. That'll be my next step from here.

In the meantime, I'll be updating my drivers and getting back to my Zerg rush (kekekekekeekeke).

Thanks very much for the help, and please take some time to reflect on how undeniably awesome you guys are.


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