Recycling fails on Win 7, but file still exists

Dear Windows 7-friends,

i have a (little?) problem with my Windows 7 Build 7100.

There are three files, that cannot be deleted (all of them on desktop)
If i try to delete them, it opens a windows saying: "Recycling" (German: "Recyclen von...")
This window won't close automatically, i have to close it. But the file still exists.

I tried to restart my machine on safemode, but same problem.

What do you think I have to do?

Thanks for your support.

from Germany


New Member
Try using Lockhunter to see if that helps. Either start the program up and load the files in that way or use the right-click context menu option if that doesn't work.

Good luck!

Thanks so much!

The program said, that there is nothing that locks the file.
Then i pressed the "delete it" button, and it was gone!

Thanks a lot!

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