Reformated with Windows disc, got "BOOTMGR is missing press ctrl+atl+delete to restart" loop


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Recency my HP laptop was going super slow and so I decided to use my recovery discs I had to reinstall Windows 7.

I was running a dual boot with Windows 7 and Ubuntu. Im not too tech savy and not entirely sure on how I managed to get this set up (lol). But I did. Basically when I started my computer I could use my arrow key to select a startup in Ubuntu or Windows 7.

So I restarted my computer and set the BIOS to boot from disc so I could run my reformat discs (That I made legally when i first got my laptop a year ago)

Reformated and 30 minutes later at the end of the installation it informed it had failed. I restarted my PC and got this error

"BOOTMGR is missing
press ctrl+alt+del to restart"

I did this and it keeps bringing me back to this screen.

Ive read many posts that said it has something to do with disc partions and what not, but none of the fixes are workable considering when I try to enter BIOs (F1) it just shows me my system info, then I press "escp" to continue and it takes me back to the error screen.


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Update: I got into the BIOS

I tried
F11 - System Recovery

right before the BIOS setup and it took me back to the error.


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I tried the repair option as seen here :
How to fix "BOOTMGR is missing" in Windows Vista

but its unable to find an OS at all period. i used my recovery discs I created when I got the computer

EDIT: I tried booting from my created recovery discs and after 100% completion and going through 4 discs it says:
"recovery manager could not restore your computer using factory image please contact HP support. Error code: 0xe0f00013"
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AT the end of step 7

"to verify that bootcect.exe is there (if you really need to):

I noticed "bootcect.exe" is NOT there in my directory off the disk. I have bootsect.exe idk if thats the same trhing or not.

but i continued on to step 8 and typed in the code except I didnt get a

"bootcode was succesfully updated" message. I got something defining what bootsect.exe was

when I boot from my recovery disk and see the "user recovery tools" option and I select an OS...there is NO os listed there at all
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Bootsect.exe is explained on this Microsoft site. It tells the system to look for a Win 7 type boot system if you use the /NT60 switch. But you need access to the utility first.

Because of your system setup, it is very hard to tell what might be going on with the system. If your Windows partiton has been wiped, nothing will make it boot. If you decide it might help, you could download and burn the bootable versions of either Partition Wizard or G-Parted to check your drive's partition. A picture of that window attached here would help us.

Are these discs you have meant to be run by themselves, or as part of the System reimage utility?