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May 9, 2013
Hi all,

I appologise in advance for the question I am about to pose as

1) it has probably already been answered to 'death' elsewhere in the forum (but having searched can't find specific answer to the question that I am about to post.

2) I have read the 'official' blurb with regards to what happens, but my brain is not fully being able to 'decode' so I was hoping that some kind person on this forum would be able to help :)

The question is this:-

When I refresh my PC, there is window.old file (which I have transferred back to the main file sections), but I was wondering are my saved games 'gone for ever' or is there some way of retrieving these? I know in the grand schema of things it is quite a 'banal' question, but having 'had' to do a refresh anyway because my PC was not loading up, just on permanent BSOD, and 'sorry something seems to have gone wrong' (very polite but not very helpful), so I had to do something and this seems 'touchwood' (touched head), the only way forward without doing a full reformat.

I would be grateful for any answers (preferably sensible (well fairly) ones), thanks in advance for any replies.


Adele :apologetic:
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