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I've had a recurring issue resulting in the not-so funny blue screens. Well, I've decided to contact the support but and I've considered attaching some minidumps. But before I do I wonder whether they include any personal information, passwords, hell, even what movie I was watching. Hopefully someone here can help me out.

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Welcome on board, Seventysix !

If you mean debug.txt, then no, it does not record your passwords nor personal information. Any other dump files do not collect your private data either. They include information like error code, cpu interruption mode during which the error occured, stack dump, etc. Your pc name (e.g. 7-PC) and some of your hardware may show up, but really nothing personal such as passwords or family pictures will be recorded, dumps are confidential :)


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No, I believe hr means the minidamp,dmp

When you get a BSOD this file is created.

It could be called by various and and mostly numbers, but you can put it in a disassembler to look over the crash info.

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