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Hello!, Sorry for my english if you do not understand something.

I have a problem witch a cdrom autoexecutable, the cdrom must register a dll before run the application. I create a batch file.On windows vista it's not possible. When I call regsrvr32 from cd appear acces denied, I believe that is appear of Acces User Control.
I trying create msi to register the library but i need register from cd.

Can you help me please!

Thanks in advance.
My mail is [email protected] if you need.


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Hi and welcome to the forums,

There is no way to elevate an application from the command-line in Windows Vista out of the box. You may want to check out this, however, as it may be useful. I am not sure if you could include it on your CD-ROM to make this work. It may be better to create an installer using InstallShield or Windows Installer where you can properly control the elevation.

Utility Spotlight: Script Elevation PowerToys for Windows Vista

Please let me know if this helps you.


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thanks im studying this option. when finnish i comment.

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