Registry access denied to Admin


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Registry access denied to Admin (RESOLVED)

Please view this registry access error that comes up when trying to install Microsoft Office 2007 on Windows 7 64-bit.

Please don't just suggest things like how to change registry permissions since I have been researching this registry access and permissions for days now and I have tried every solution listed in the first 50 results of a Google search on this issue. This includes changing registry permissions, changing group policies, running scripts that change registry permissions, uninstalling and reinstalling, Installing in safe mode, disabling firewalls and anti-viruses, Installing after fresh install of Windows 7, and many more things.

If anyone has gone further then the first 50 results on Google and found something that works, please tell me.

P.S. Same thing happens when trying to install Microsoft Office 2010 32-bit and 64-bit.

P.P.S Same thing happens when trying to install Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or 2008.

p.p.s. This version of Office that I'm using installed with no problems on my XP system.

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Ok, I saw on another tread that some people resolved this by popping in the Windows 7 Installation disk and choosing an Upgrade option for install.

I tried this but it gets stuck before install saying that I can't upgrade a 32-bit windows to a 64-bit version (see attached image) but this makes no sense since this is a 64-bit installation disk AND it's the same disk I used to install my Windows 7 64-bit in the first place! (yes, I'm sure I installed 64-bit!)


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Is this a company computer or Enterprise version or some other situation where a group policy may have been set up to not allow access to the registry?

Delete Reg Entry

I had the same error show up, I opened the reistry and found the offensive item and was able to delete it, it seemed to belong to a different program. With a Reg Key that long I don't know how it could be a key from another program?



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The Windows version is Ultimate.

ealberts, can you please tell me which registry key was your victim? I have no idea how I would know what registry key is causing this.

reg error

When the pop-up with the error appears, the key name is in it, use regedit and find. I tried installing blackberry media and the key it could not open was from a different program.



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That's a clever though. Unfortunately, in my case is is a key of Office.

Even if it weren't, why would I have to uninstall a program that I don't want to!!! If a key of a different program is causing problems just because office (and ME!) don't have permission to touch this key (by the way, the keys I can't touch are colored red in regedit) I should be able to do what ever I want to my own registry!

The only thing Microsoft should be able to do is warn me that if I change a registry key my computer may blow up and I will die, but they shouldn't FORCE me not to do what I want! I am the administrator and should be able to control my own computer! Maybe I want to die this way... who is Microsoft to deny me my rights!

reg edit

at work I use Linux, and as an administrator I can change anything, even if I screw up the computer, thats OK. Ever since windows vista I started noticing windows has more controll of the registry than the admin. It is my computer so let me screw with it the way I want to.



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All I need to do is to change the owner in advanced permissions to me (administrator) and then I can add myself to have full control on any registry data.

As for installing Microsoft Office and Microsoft Visual Studio, all I had to do was RIGHT click the setup file and choose "run as administrator" and it installed with no problems. I think Microsoft is stupid.

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